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All our trade alerts have a backtested statistical edge.

Option Trade Alerts Service

At Stock Market Guides, we offer an options picking service where an alert is sent for each new pick we make. We use historical statistics to help you buy low and sell high in the stock market using options.

Our options service only features option trading opportunities that have a quantitative back-tested edge. We don’t shoot from the hip with trade ideas here. We rely exclusively on the data.

This ensures that if you get an option trade alert, it’s because there is a trade opportunity that has a track record of success in backtests.

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Option Trade Alerts

Here’s an example of what one of our option trade alerts looks like.

trade alert example

(sample trade alert)

You can see that our option trade alert reflects a specific trading strategy and time frame. It also shows how that strategy has performed historically according to backtests, both in terms of wins, losses, and return on investment.

We feel that if we’re going to try to offer the best option alerts possible, they need to be easy to follow, have a track record of success, and be transparent. Our alerts are intended to reflect those qualities.

trade alert example

(sample trade alert)

Performance of Option Trade Alerts

We’re well qualified to be doing statistical research on the historical performance of options. We have years of experience doing stock market research and use a rigorous statistical process for testing each options trading strategy we feature.

Here are the option trading services we offer, and their respective performances in backtests:

Pre-Market Option Picks:

Backtest Results
This is how our option picks for this service performed in backtests. When we run a backtest, what we’re doing is taking a given trade strategy and looking back at history to see how it may have performed in the past.





Avg. Annualized Return
This takes the average return in backtests of all the option picks featured in this service and annualizes it.


Market Hours Option Picks:

Backtest Results
This is how our option picks for this service performed in backtests. When we run a backtest, what we’re doing is taking a given trade strategy and looking back at history to see how it may have performed in the past.





Avg. Annualized Return
This takes the average return in backtests of all the option picks featured in this service and annualizes it.


Please note that this performance information is not based on live trades, but on backtests, which have important limitations.

Trading options in the stock market involves risk, even when trade setups have a strong history of profitability. You can dial your risk down or up by adjusting your position sizing or the number of trades you take.

The more risk that’s taken, the higher the potential for drawdowns. You can also start out by paper trading stocks to get a feel for the trades before putting real money at risk.

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Options Service Choices

Here is a table that breaks down the difference between each option trading service we offer:

Pre-Market Option PicksMarket Hours Option Picks
Time of AlertsBefore Market OpensDuring Market Hours
Security TypeOptionsOptions
Alert FormatEmailEmail or Text
Backtested Return*136%197%
Avg. Picks per Day**102

*This is the average annualized return of our picks in backtests.

**Pick counts vary by day and can be zero some days.

Options Alerts That Are Easy to Follow

phone notification icon

Trade alerts for our Pre-Market Option Picks are sent by email before the market opens. Trade alerts for our Market Hours Option Picks are sent in real time by either text or email, depending on your preference.

We tell you the exact option for the alert, including the ticker symbol, strike price, and expiration date.

We also show you a history of how that options trading strategy has performed in backtests for that ticker. Then you simply decide whether to buy or not.

Rather than spending a lot of time each day in front of a computer screen trying to make sense of an options chain or trying to figure out which options to trade, you can get these trade alerts and spend just minutes per day making your trades.

Alerts for Many Types of Options Trades

At Stock Market Guides, we offer a wide variety of options trading opportunities that you can consider. Here are some examples of different types of trades that you can get alerts for:

You can control the volume of how many option trade alerts you get and when you get them. You can limit yourself to just a couple per week or you can turn the dial up and get alerts for everything we find. Options trade opportunities will fluctuate each day based on market conditions.

The options we feature are typically for companies that have significant market capitalizations, which means they are normally for major, well-established companies. They’re also typically for companies that offer weekly options.

Options Strategies We Feature

The options alerts we send are for simple call option purchases.

Based on the research we’ve done here at Stock Market Guides, deep in-the-money options might offer the best opportunity to capitalize on the backtested edges we’ve found. Our goal is to give you the best odds of making a profit, so that’s why we feature those types of option strategies exclusively.

Also, we don’t send alerts for buying put options. Of all the research we’ve done, we’ve never found a long-term mechanical edge to buying puts.

So you won’t find us sending alerts for exotic options strategies like iron condors or broken-wing butterflies. Our research doesn’t support it, and that might be a good thing for many people because it keeps our option trade alerts very simple.

Option Trade Duration

Some options traders might like to hold their positions for just a day, while others might like to hold them for a year. Some are in between. Our service accommodates them all. You can choose to get alerts for any of these swing trade durations.

3 days
1 week
2 weeks
1 month
3 months
1 year
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Learn Options Trading

If you don’t know exactly what an option is or don’t know how to trade an option, you can check out our free options guide for beginners.

Once you sign up for the service, you’ll also find tutorials that teach our options trading strategies in detail so that you can learn to trade them on your own if you want.

They teach not only the trade setup from the chart itself, but they also teach how to pick a strike price and expiration date that capitalize on the backtested edge.

Our goal is to make sure that no matter what your expertise level is, you will have the tools to be able to successfully follow our option trade alerts. And if questions come up along the way, you can contact us any time and we’ll be ready to help.

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I work full time. Can I still follow the option trade alerts?

Absolutely. That’s one of the benefits of getting alerts from Stock Market Guides. You don’t have to sit around watching the screen and waiting for an options trade to set up. You can simply get an alert when it’s time for your attention. We do all the work for you of identifying the exact options to consider so that when you get the alert you can go to your trading platform and quickly decide if you want to consider the trade. Alerts allow for on-the-go trading.

What time of day do the option trading alerts get sent?

We have different services. Our Pre-Market Option Picks service sends out alerts before the market opens each trading day. Our Market Hours Option Picks service sends out alerts throughout the trading day between 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

How are option trade alerts sent?

For our Pre-Market Option Picks service, we send alerts by email. For our Market Hours Option Picks, you choose between getting email alerts or text alerts to your phone. You can toggle your alerts setting at any time.

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