Who We Are

Data is our specialty. All the tools and services we offer are based on stock market research and statistics.

Over the course of several years, our team has researched tens of millions of backtested trade outcomes.

Our research effort is the foundation of this service. It’s an ongoing effort in our mission to continually find new opportunities for our customers to profit in the stock market.

Our Core Values

Help People Profit

We want to ensure that every tool or service we offer genuinely helps people make profits in the stock market. We only create technology that we, as active investors, want to use ourselves.

No Hype

We focus just on facts and data. We don’t try to push or pull you.

Be Transparent

Everything we provide is backed up by data that our customers have access to. We also openly promote the risks involved with trading and with using our tools and services.

Be Kind and Supportive

Our objective is to offer kindness and support to everyone. No matter who you are or what your level of stock market knowledge is, we will do everything we can to help you.

Our History

Many stock market investors are inundated with investing ideas.

“This company’s stock is trading at a discount, so buy it.”

“If the 50-period moving average crosses over the 200-period moving average, then buy.”

“This company has an ascending triangle price pattern, so buy it.”

The list goes on and on. But for any given one of those ideas, has a trading opportunity like it occurred before, and if so, how did it turn out? This seems like basic information that an investor should have at their disposal.

The founders of Stock Market Guides, who have been active traders since 2015, noticed that there seemed to be a big void in the industry for accessing that sort of information. With the flood of trade ideas they were seeing, they had no easy way to tell whether any particular idea was just hype or if it had a verifiable track record of profitability.

That’s when the founders, who are self-proclaimed math nerds, decided to start doing their own research. They found that many popular trading strategies have no historical evidence of profitability, while some others do.

They realized this information is exactly what the general public should be able to have access to, and this was when the idea for Stock Market Guides came into existence.

We shine light on the historical performance of stock market trading strategies.

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Customer Testimonials

"I am really enjoying the new service and feel like it is going to be attractive to novice and intermediate investors.  You do a fantastic job of providing both simplicity and education for those who want to learn more."

Jeff from Tennesse

"I very much appreciate you taking the time to make a video to explain the pattern set-up.  I only joined the service last week, but I am very impressed with the level of customer service you provide."

Gary from Virginia

Our Methods

We have a variety of research methods:

  1. We created our own proprietary backtesting software that uses stock price data from Finnhub and EODHD. We use it to test the historical performance of various investing strategies.

  2. We also run backtests of trading strategies using TradeStation by creating algorithms using their coding language.

  3. We test out various stock market apps and services ourselves and log statistical information about their effectiveness.

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